Donald Trump's Russian connections


Attached is an interesting summary of the Trump's campaign team contacts with the Russian ambassador. Hacking the Democrats and talking with Donald's close associates at the same time does raise serious national security problems for the United States. Puitin's Russia has well learned the lessons from the Soviet era: the best way to weaken your adversaries is to destabilize and confuse them. In today's world it means to hack the democratic forces and support the populists. It happens in the U.S. and in the European countries, especailly those having elections, like France, Gemany and the Netherlands.

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Frans A.M. Alting von Geusau


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Neither Justice nor Order

Footprints of the 20th Century - Third Edition


This fifth and final volume offers a critical assessment of the state of the law of nations. In the twenty first century the world needs true global law anchored in the dignity of the human person rather than weak international law built on the interests of major sovereign states.

The Illusions of Détente,

Footprints of the twentieth Century


Since 1989, we refer to the whole post-war period as the "Cold War Era". Such was not the case in 1968.