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At the time of this writing, the Crim is about to be annexed to Russia, in violation of international law, the Ukrainian Constitution and the agreements concluded by Russia itself. The propaganda with which all this is done is straight from the propaganda employed three times against Czechoslovakia: in 1938, 1948 and 1968 - that is by Hitler Germany, Stalin's and Brezhnev's Soviet Union. Attached article is very clear about it. Must be read.

Don't forget: Putin's praganda has nothing to do with the reality. It is a reflection of his policy to undermine and weaken Ukraine. Any lie goes to support that policy.

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Frans A.M. Alting von Geusau


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Neither Justice nor Order


This is the fifth and last volume in the series “Footprints of the Twentieth Century”, a critical assessment of the state of the law of nations.

Western Cooperation

Footprints of the twentieth Century


Professor Frans A.M. Alting von Geusau presents the history of Western Cooperation around a central theme: the effort of realist idealists to replace power politics by closer cooperation between democracies.