A Common European Foreign and Security Policy?


U.S. departing Defense Secretary Robert Gates strongly challenged the European incapacity to sustain NATO operations to protect the Libyan civilia population. Text of his farewell speech is attached.

The uncomfortable fact about NATO runs much deeper than the low defense spending of the European NATO members. The Libyan crisis once more exposed the myth of a Common European Foreign and Security policy. Despite the Lisbon Treaty and the creation of EEAS (the European External Action Service), the EU was deeply divided in dealing with the crisis and now lacks the necessary means to effectively contribute to a solution.

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Frans A.M. Alting von Geusau


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De geest van Christus leeft in Europa


De eenwording van Europa na de Tweede Wereldoorlog is op beslissende wijze door de geest van Christus beïnvloed. Schuman en Solidarnosc hebben het aanzien van Europa geheel veranderd.

The Illusions of Détente,

Footprints of the twentieth Century


Since 1989, we refer to the whole post-war period as the "Cold War Era". Such was not the case in 1968.