Brexit Letter re. art. 50 EU Treaty


The full letter of Prime Minister Theresa May to European Council President Donald Tusk is attached: a shocking piece of self-centered arrogance and complete lack of awareness about the destructive and disruptive character of the Brexit decision.

Whatever the outcome of the negotiations in the next two years, Brexit does tremendous harm to the United Kingdom - disuniting England from Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Gibraltar; tremendous harm to the European Union - asked to react in an orderly manner to this disruptive act; tremendous harm to multilateral trade and Western cooperation; and tremendous harm to the underlying principles of post Second World War democratic policies. 

All of that happened in the name of the people who voted to restore "our national self-determination". Wasn't British democracy a famous example because of  the sovereignty of the Parliament? Can one Prime Minister overrule the parliament in name of just 37% of British voters who vented their anger against the so-called elite in London? Has nobody realized that once you open that box of pandora, what comes out is populism, polarization, nationalism and ultmately war?

The draft negotiation guidelines published by EUC President Tusk made very clear that sufficient progress must be achieved on the withdrawal before a framework for future relations can be discussed. The close partnership the letter wants between Britain and the EU reads very much as continuing the benefits without the obligations. For a country proud on its "rule of law" tradition, the strangest part is the emphasis on Britain's withdrawal from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice - the principal guardian of the rule of law within the European Union. 

Brexit, as the letter makes clear again, means serious disruption, much harm and a direct challenge to the post war European order of peace, prosperity, reconciliation and solidarity.


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Frans A.M. Alting von Geusau


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