After "a day of infamy" we now had the day of "Brexit". All of it as consequence of an irresponsible decision to call a referendum. Called for internal Conservative Party reasons, David Cameron in his Oxonian arrogance failed to see or consider the potential consequences.  He lacked the authority to convince his country and he lacked the authority to force the other EU members to reform under threat. And he will lack the authority to arrange a divorce on his terms.The ruins he left are widespread and still not all visible. Britain, more than ever, is a disunited Kingdom, to begin with between the small majority for leave and the very substantial minority for remain; between the younger generation and the older one; between corrupt London and the country; between the English and the Scots, just to name the most important cleavages. The economic ruins are still to be unearthed, just as the political ones. Read the attached comment from Thomas de Waal of Carnegie/Moscow.

Sure, it is also a black day for Europe. The European Union, however, can survive. Britain, after all was an impossible member state, despite its democratic traditions. A lot of problems, for which a majority decide to quit, were made in London, such as disunity on the basic purposes of European unification,  the emphasis on an internal market as only purpose, or the insistence on intergovernmental summit decision-making.

The remaining member states now have a chance to restore commitment to reconciliation, solidarity and unity as initiated by the Schuman Declaration of 9 My 1950. Federal unity no longer has to be a dirty word!

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Frans A.M. Alting von Geusau


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Cultural Diplomacy: Waging war by other means?,

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The peaceful collapse of the Soviet totalitarian, communist system has been a watershed of historic proportions in Europe and the world.

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