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“That this is happening now is no accident — and the return of English hooliganism is most interesting, politically. Not for many long years has English nationalism hung so thickly in the   air as it hangs right now in Britain. The debate over Brexit has brought     out some ugly impulses and even uglier stereotypes. The tabloids — the reading staple, apart from porn and comic books, for the average    English yob — have stoked a resurgence of ill-will toward the foreigner. ..”

“So with beer in their bellies, rolled up tabloids in their arse-pockets, sun on their heads and Brexit on their minds, the English football fans are ready to riot, to stage their unkempt nationalist theater. It happened in Marseille. It will happen next in Lens, where England plays Wales; and then in Saint-Étienne, unless the French raise their woeful policing game — or England are disqualified from Euro 2016 because of their hooligans.

That would be the most ignominious Brexit of them all.”


The quote is from an article I found in Politico. It makes interesting reading and attached to this item. Calling the In/Out referendum in 2013 was an irresponsible act in politics, as I wrote earlier. The emotions generated by it, risk to become uncontrolable. The revival of English hooliganism is just one of them. 

In the meantime, the outcome of the referendum is uncertain at best. The most recent polls indicate a lafge majority for Brexit. Nobody knows what the consequences are going to be.

One of the French members of the European Parliament was quoted as saying : Before Brexit, member state Britain had one foot in and one foot out of the European Union. After Brexit it will be the other way around.

Britain has caused so much trouble in its 43 years membership, that nobody cann tell, what is worse: departure or continued membership with all the opt-outs. One thing seems to be certain. For the future of European unification, David Cameron opened a box of Pandorra, from which emotional nationalism will be difficult to control. 

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