Paris and Cologne


The most fundamental difference between Islamic societies based on Sharia and European societies based on the rule of law - as formed by the Bible, Roman and Canon Law - concerns the position of women. What happened in Cologne and several other cities during Silvesternight is now clear. Most of the men who sexually assaulted women were immigrants who had arrived during 2015. The majority of immigrants are young and relatively prosperous men, who litterally fought their way into Europe and towards Germany. They  come from Islamic countries ( a minority also from Albania and Kosovo).

The politically correct approach does no help to clearly understand the problems we and the immigrants are confronted with. True solidarity towards refugees requires clarity, openness and honesty on what happened - without delay.

There is, first of all, the reality of the religious-cultural difference already referred to. Immigrants from Islamic societies have not learnt to respect women who freely circulate in a city during Silvester night. According to Sharia, such women violate the honor of their family and are considered to be outlaws. Syria had a majority of Muslims but also substantial Christian minorities. It is necessary and a humanitarian obligation to ask immigrants about the religion they profess. Christian immigrants from these countries can assist their Muslim fellow immigrants to understand European society, law and our profoundly Christian heritage.

There is, secondly, the human reality. The overwhelming majority of immigrants have suffered immensely, are disoriented, have lived through the most cruel civil warfare and are deeply traumatized. They need to be listened to, cared for, understood and helped to build up a meaningful life.

Unfortunately, there is also a political reality. The attacks on 13 November 2015 in Paris and the assaults on 31 December 2015 in Cologne and other European cities may not be unrelated. For some, attacking youth in European societies has a politically destructive purpose. Some major countries in the Middle-East may see an interest in destabilizing European society; or - like Saoudi-Arabia - spread fundamentalist versions of Islam through cultural programs and financial support for building Mosques. Younger immigrants or allochtone citizens withou a job and without clear purpose in life can (too easily) be recruted and radicalized to organize and assist actions like the ones in Paris, Cologne and other cities. Given de number of complaints and the number of men involved in the criminal assaults, we must find out whether the assaults were organized and if so by whom.

In addition we must also address the political problem of Turkey. The attitude of the present leadership is problematic at best, cynical at worst. The overwhelming majority of migrants has come to Europe through Turkey and could have been prevented from boarding the shaky boats.Why did Turkey fail in its humanitarian and international responsibility and still fails despite the agreement reached with the European Union?


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