The attached article in Social Europe is "recommended reading". At the time of this writing, Greece''s departure from the Eurozone is most likely. Greece should never have been admitted to the Eurozone, to begin with. The Euro should never have been created without a proper set up for a new currency with its own treasury and its own community or federal institutions. European solidarity should have been effected towards Greece after the recent elections. Imposing the liberal ideology is not what European unification has been created for.

European unification is in a MOST SERIOUS CRISIS.

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Frans A.M. Alting von Geusau


  • Cultural Diplomacy: Waging war by other means?
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  • The Illusions of Détente,
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  • Western Cooperation
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  • Sporen van de Twintigste Eeuw
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  • Neither Justice nor Order
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The Illusions of Détente,

Footprints of the twentieth Century


Since 1989, we refer to the whole post-war period as the "Cold War Era". Such was not the case in 1968.

Neither Justice nor Order


This is the fifth and last volume in the series “Footprints of the Twentieth Century”, a critical assessment of the state of the law of nations.